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First RHG battle finished

2010-05-22 14:24:47 by Abadax

I finale got my first RHG done! This is not only one but 2 accomplishments: I made a serious animation. AND I finished it! :D Thats why im submitting it to newgrounds!

some of you: Whats an RGH???????

Me: B3/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=129

Game suggestions?

2010-05-10 20:11:50 by Abadax

Im really bored at the moment and would like some game or website suggestions. Keep it appropriate please. :)

New compy setup.

2010-05-02 14:29:22 by Abadax

Im just a little upset because the old one had a little drawer for my tablet. It was perfect and exactly what i wanted but the only problem was the the drawer was to short to fit my tablet. So i had to put my computer back to how it used to be. Its not that bad but its easier to animate in flash....

Just got into minecraft indev

2010-04-29 21:02:50 by Abadax

If you've played indev then you'll know what im talking about and if you haven't then just cope ;)

I had a hard time starting and then i found some coal. its pretty badass once you make some torches and a mine. then you can make a whole shiton of stuff. If you're just starting then hang in there and get some damn coal! And if you need any help with making stuff then feel free to send me a message. :D

Ah,I see

2010-04-07 20:45:42 by Abadax

Alright then. These end up on my profile. Considering that it just said to post it i wondered if it meant the forum. Ok so what i was saying was that i was fine and in an ok mood. Making an animation on pivot. Parkour ftw.

Eh. Im fine

2010-04-07 20:17:21 by Abadax

I just want to see where this will end up. :/